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​​​Jumpshot is an extreme basketball game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Everybody loves the sensation of soaring above the rim like the pros. The feeling of taking a jumpshot from a three-foot vertical leap is fantastic, and is a feeling that your customers will pay to experience again and again. Whether they are 6 or 60, people love making that “extreme jumpshot.”

Players are separated by two nets for safety. This separation also allows for players of different skill levels to compete easily. In addition, the backstop trampoline assembly is soft, safe and part of the fun. Jumpshot takes up less than 200 square feet of space, including space around the units and for accessibility. Several new options are now available to customize your installation. Jumpshot can be placed indoors in any room with at least 15' of vertical space; outdoors, the sky is the limit. Whether set up indoors or outdoors, Jumpshot is an attractive and profitable addition to any facility.

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